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POST-1910-43 Opposed.jpg
Small card with the printed declaration: "I am opposed to woman's suffrage "with lines for a name and street. It is signed by Mrs. N.G. Abbott 51 Merrimack Street, Penacook.

Pro- and anti-suffrage cards were collected during meetings, rallies,…

POST-1900-03-1 Jaugh Business Card.jpg
Business card for Louis W. Jaugh Sample Room in Buffalo, New York. One side contains the text of a speech given at a suffrage meeting and the other side contains the contact information for the business.

This speech was also reprinted on postcards…

POST-1914-07 Im a Suffragette Valentine Heart.jpg
Embossed Valentine's Day card. On the front is a colorful illustration of a young girl, wearing a hat and dress, holding a ballot.

Written on the back: To Helen Hoagland / From R.I.R.

POST-1909-34 Women's Rights Fist.jpg
Embossed die-cut card in the shape of and with a full-color illustration of a woman's arm held up in a closed fist.

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Postcard notice of a public meeting with some political candidates to discuss the woman suffrage amendment.
Speakers included:
Otis Emerson Dunham, President, Hughes Club; Sylvester McBride, Socialist candidate for Lieutenant-Governor of…

POST-1907-02 WSPU Membership Pledge Card.jpg
Pledge card issued to members of the Women's Social & Political Union to affirm support of the organization's policies. After restructuring the organization in 1907, members were required to sign the pledge.

POST-1915-12 For Suffrage Card.jpg
Pledge card issued by the Massachusetts Woman Suffrage Association. The headquarters were located at 585 Boylston Street, Room 12 in Boston.

POST-1913-20 Votes for New Jersey Women Stamp.jpg
Black on yellow postage stamp, created by the New Jersey Woman Suffrage Association.

POST-1915-11 Votes for Women Pennsylvania Stamp.jpg
Blue and white postage stamp with the figure of winged victory, holding the Pennsylvania keystone, marked 1915.

The United States Post Office Department banned the sale of these stamps, noting their similarity to official postage stamps.

POST-1910-25 Liberty No Wedding.jpg
A woman leaves her home. Her husband, holding a bucket and scrub brush, is left to care for the home and the children. A "Votes for women" sign is hanging on the wall.

The quote on the postcard is from the song "I'm on my way to Reno", written by…
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