The Ann Lewis Women's Suffrage Collection is a privately owned collection amassed over twenty years. It is comprised of more than 1,200 books, objects, correspondence, periodicals, lobbying materials, postcards, and more.

Recently Added Items

Flier: Not at home. You were out today! New York State Woman Suffrage Party. Circa 1917


Series of statements about where women go during the day, including children's school, grocery store, buying clothes, and looking for employment, and…

Brochure: Why join the New York League of Women Voters? Circa 1922


Trifold brochure with membership blank still attached. The brochure includes reasons to join the New York League of Women Voters, a complete list of…

Letter from Carrie Chapman Catt to "Friend of Human Justice." June 1933.


In 1933, Carrie Chapman Catt began protesting against the Nazi persecution of Jews. This letter, sent in June, and signed by Catt with a personal…