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Reprinted from Smith's Magazine, housekeeper, Anne O'Hagan argues that housekeepers and homemakers need the right to vote because of their concern for tenement house laws, safe and pure food laws, building codes, and other issues related to safety in…

O'Sullivan argues that wage-earning women need the right to vote to ensure equal pay for equal work and working men should also want women's suffrage to protect their interests against the threat of cheap labor by women and children.

The National…

Reprint of an essay written by Raymond Vincent Phelan. Phelan argues that wage-earning women need to be a part of the labor unions and the right to vote to give them the power to protect their interests.

The National American Woman Suffrage…

Reprint of an essay written by social reformer and political activist, Florence Kelley. Kelley argues that women need the right to vote in order to protect the interests of working women and children.

The National American Woman Suffrage…

Article written by author identified only as "F.R.S." The author discusses the idea that women are indifferent to voting because of the expanded employment opportunities open to them and the fact that homemakers do not desire the vote.

Contains twelve reasons why women should have the right to vote. This broadside was reprinted and distributed by many state organizations to lobby for state suffrage amendments.

Series of questions "all settled by politics and votes." The questions concerned issues that were considered of direct interest to women, including food safety regulation, education, child labor, protective labor legislation, mother's pensions, etc.

Series of statements about where women go during the day, including children's school, grocery store, buying clothes, and looking for employment, and how those places are under some type of political control. The final question is: "Who controls…

Official program for the 25th anniversary and convention of the National Women's Trade Union League of America, held at the Grace Dodge Hotel in Washington, D.C.