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PERI-1914-03 Votes for Women Kellogs Ad.JPG
Advertisement for Kellogg's toasted corn flakes features a parade of young girls carrying boxes of toasted corn flakes as though they were placards. The slogan "Votes for Women" is along the top and along the bottom is a message signed by W.K.…

Advertisement for the Liberty Bell Campaign by the Pennsylvania Woman Suffrage Association. This campaign was created to lobby for a state suffrage referendum in 1915. Suffragists commissioned a replica of the Liberty Bell, known as the "Justice…

Flier listing objections to woman's suffrage and responses to refute those statements, "People Say . . . We Say . . . "

Cardboard advertisement for Sapolio cleaner;
One side contains information about Sapolio and its uses. Among the slogans on the bottom half is this one: "A suffragette is Mrs. Brown Who's cleaning up in Spotless Town. When she discovers wrongs to…

PERI-1908-02-1 Le Petit Journal cover 1908-0906.jpg
Le Petit Journal, or “The Little Newspaper”, was a daily newspaper published from 1863 to 1944. In 1884, the paper began to include a weekly illustrated supplement.

This issue includes an article and illustration entitled: "Manifestations des…

DOCU-1915-04-1 SBA Ten Pins Cover.jpg
On the front is a picture of Susan B. Anthony. Inside are ten straight pins on one side with the title "Ten Pins" and on the other side and back is a list entitled "Ten Opinions Why Women Should Vote."

This may have been distributed during the…

Enamel on brass pin in the shape of a flag on its pole, containing the slogan "Votes for Women."

Black silk rosette with red, white, and blue ribbon tails. Printed in black on the three ribbons is the slogan "Votes for Women" Attached to the rosette is a gold celluloid "Votes for Women" button.

The rosette is ripped on one side.

Gold stick pin with a gold eagle on the top. Threaded through the pin is a small white paper flag stamped with the slogan "Votes for Women."

Hand-painted bisque of an African woman with a club in one hand and a "Votes for Women" sign in the other hand. The woman is dressed in a white corset and panties. Her mouth is wide open.

The word "suffragette" is encized into the base and…
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