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Daily newspaper of Stockton, San Joaquin County, California under various alternative titles from 1904-1969.

The West Coast Magazine, edited at this time by John S. McGroarty, ran a special "Woman's number" in honor of the woman's suffrage win in California.

In June of 1912, one month prior to this issue, Elizabeth Murray Coffin of Iowa was announced as…

Program for pageant and tableau organized and presided over by multiple suffrage organizations. Dr. Anna Shaw officiated. Colonel Theodore Roosevelt gave the evening's address.

One goal was also to encourage attendees to march the following day,…

Anti-suffrage and anti-socialist pamphlet arguing that suffrage and socialism are intricately linked and the movement is a threat to the sanctity of marriage. The author argues, "We are indeed threatened by a red peril in a yellow cloak."

Infographic depicting the various work done by women in wartime, with corresponding uniforms. Page follows other pages in the Journal discussing the style of women's uniforms.

P. 139 of Nov. 1918 may be more rarely digitized. It is not available,…

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Intended to be a complete guide for all women to their rights, government, and commerce. Some illustrations summarizing legislation affecting women and children throughout the United States.

Second image is opposite of the title page.


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Overall size, 10 cm.

1.25" brass rim holding celluloid with reverse metal back. Metal back also has soldered stickpin.
Background of pin is faded yellow, with black lettering circling around outer edges reading “Equal Rights and Personal…

May have been a reprint of an address given by MacArthur. The author discusses the reasons why the right to vote for women would be valuable to men and the need to work together as equals to make the world better.

"We women appeal to each other…

Flier issued by the Massachusetts Woman's Anti-Suffrage Association, lists six reasons why men should vote against woman suffrage in the upcoming referendum in Massachusetts.