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1920.01 Woman voters manual.jpg
Intended to be a complete guide for all women to their rights, government, and commerce. Some illustrations summarizing legislation affecting women and children throughout the United States.

Second image is opposite of the title page.


BUTN-1904-01.01 Equal Rights Illinois Button.jpg
Overall size, 10 cm.

1.25" brass rim holding celluloid with reverse metal back. Metal back also has soldered stickpin.
Background of pin is faded yellow, with black lettering circling around outer edges reading “Equal Rights and Personal…

May have been a reprint of an address given by MacArthur. The author discusses the reasons why the right to vote for women would be valuable to men and the need to work together as equals to make the world better.

"We women appeal to each other…

Flier issued by the Massachusetts Woman's Anti-Suffrage Association, lists six reasons why men should vote against woman suffrage in the upcoming referendum in Massachusetts.

Reprinted address delivered by Carrie Chapman Catt, President of the International Woman Suffrage Alliance, at the Congress in Amsterdam, June 15, 1908

Advertisement in publication encourages New York voters to pass the woman suffrage amendment as a war measure in the referendum on November 6, 1917.

DOCU.1908.06.01 NUWSS by Mrs.jpg
Series: Woman's suffrage pamphlets, no. 41
Reprinted from 'The Times', October 1, 1908. Letter written by Julia Ward Howe, president of the Illinois Woman's Suffrage Society to refute a letter that appeared in "The Times" from Mrs. Humphry Ward…

Metal token featuring an image of William Howard Taft, and the slogan "Equal Rights for All." This coin may have been distributed during either the 1908 or the 1912 presidential campaigns.

No manufacturer markings on the coin.

Red, white, and blue American flag in enamel on bronze pin. The flag has only nine stars.

There is no manufacturer information on the pin.